NBA shortens preseason games

basketball: - 20-07-20

(Buena Vista) The opening games for the NBA revival tournament will be a little faster than usual.


The NBA changed its rules slightly for the opening games of the tournament, requiring 10-minute quarters, two minutes less per quarter than normal. Executives adopted this new rule for several reasons - among them, the desire not to overtax players' bodies after they were forced to take a four-month break, and because teams will not have their full formation initially, due to the coronavirus and other glitches.

"It's a really different situation," admitted Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle on Saturday. In all aspects, really. I think there is still a certain attitude which will allow us to do things a little differently. "

Four pre-season games will take place on Wednesday, until July 28. Each team will have the chance to play three preparatory matches. The last two games, for each team, will be played in the traditional way, with 12-minute quarters.

League officials are still debating the latest details regarding the early pre-season games. The NBA could allow teams to choose to wear their game uniforms or training suits. As of Saturday, most teams were planning to wear their regular game uniforms during their three pre-season games. The new uniforms, sporting messages of racial equality, will only be available when the tournament gets underway in earnest on July 30.

The NBA could also use more than three referees.

The pre-season games will be played like normal games - scores and statistics will be tallied, to allow employees hired for the duration of the tournament at Disney to work on the flaws in the computer system.

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra admits he's prepared differently than he did at the start of the regular season. For a rare time, he has discussions with the coaches of the teams the Heat will face.

The preseason games will also allow teams to get out of the monotony of practice, but Denver Nuggets coach Michael Malone is concerned that player health is the only concern in these games.

"I want to take care of my players so they can stay healthy and not be placed in a position where they are overworked," said Malone. I think the vast majority of the 22 teams will approach the situation in the same way. "