Doping is a fraud: one year suspended prison sentence for Austrian cyclist

News: - 23-07-20

(Vienna) Former Austrian cyclist Georg Preidler involved in the Aderlass case was sentenced to a 12-month suspended prison sentence and a fine of 2,880 euros after being convicted of aggravated fraud in professional sport, the regional court announced 'Innsbruck Wednesday.


Already suspended for four years in 2019, Georg Preidler, 30, was found guilty of resorting to blood doping between March 2017 and March 2019, of using growth hormones and of deceiving his business partners and sportsmen, for damage estimated at 286,000 euros (444,000 Canadian dollars).

He had pleaded partially guilty, admitting to having doped from 2018, but denying having done so as early as 2017. He can appeal.

The extent of the damage and the duration of the offense were considered as aggravating factors, the absence of a criminal record and the partial confession of the defendant as mitigating circumstances.

Huge scandal affecting several sports

Georg Preidler was the first sportsman to be given a four-year suspension, along with Stefan Denifl, another Austrian cyclist, following a huge scandal that erupted at the start of 2019, on the sidelines of the World Championships Nordic skiing in Seefeld (Austria).

The Aderlass ("bloodletting" in German) doping case involves more than 20 athletes from different European countries, according to German investigators in charge of the investigations.

Former Austrian long-distance and biathlon coach Walter Mayer was sentenced in early July to 15 months in prison for supplying doping substances.