In isolation for 10 days, Lou Williams will miss two games

basketball: - 28-07-20

(Lake Buena Vista) Lou Williams of the Los Angeles Clippers will have to self-isolate for 10 days due to travel related to an NBA campus release.

The 33-year-old left the bubble for a funeral, but he's also been to the Magic City Dance Club in Atlanta.

Williams will miss at least two of the Clippers' ranking games: their first on July 30, against the Lakers, and August 1, against the Pelicans.

He could miss a third: he should be eligible to return to the game on August 4, the date of a Clippers-Suns clash.

Photos of Williams in Magic City, with a type of mask the NBA handed out to Disney, have appeared on social media.

The NBA investigated and imposed a 10-day isolation.

Williams has often described Magic City as his favorite place to eat. The menu features chicken wings bearing his name.

By mingling with a group, he potentially exposed himself to the coronavirus. The NBA has ruled that a longer quarantine is needed, to keep its campus safe.

In a separate case, isolation was limited to four days in the case of Zion Williamson of the Pelicans.

He left the bubble earlier this month for a family affair. He has been tested every day, and the result has always been negative. He also met other NBA demands.

The Clippers weren't training on Sunday. They are not expected to comment on the decision until Monday.

Williams is a candidate for Reservist of the Year. He's averaged 18.7 points per game this season.

The Clippers will start the restart second in the West, five and a half games behind the Lakers. They are a game and a half ahead of the third-placed Nuggets.