Quarterback Alex Smith must stay clear of his Washington team

american-football: - 28-07-20

The NFL team in Washington put quarterback Alex Smith's name on the unfit to play list on Monday, a day before training camp began.

The 36-year-old veteran is recovering from a fractured fibula and tibia in his right leg, suffered 20 months ago.

However, he did not get the green light to fully return to training.

Smith's contract runs until the end of 2022, but his future is uncertain. He hasn't played since November 2018.

Washington acquired him from Kansas City in 2018, then adding four years to his contract, for $ 94 million.

In 10 games with Washington, Smith had 2,180 aerial yards, including 10 touchdown passes. He made five interceptions.

Smith also played with San Francisco. Drafted first overall in 2005, he is at 193 career touchdowns.